Sight In A Rifle Scope

What is a sight in scope in the rifle?

For a layman a sight in a rifle scope is that device attached to the top of the barrel for enhanced visual ability to target a deer at a far range. Since you cannot see that clearly with naked eye, so the sight in scope lets you aim your target accurately and the chances of hitting that target increases immensely.

It is important that when you attach the sight in a scope to your rifle’s barrel it is helping you to improve your aim. The whole purpose of using the scope is to hit the target whether it is on the range or hunting. It is all the more important in hunting as a wrong shot can get you into trouble not just miss the target. The important thing to do here is to make the rifle scope zero before going hunting.

Important steps to make your rifle zero:​

  • Your rifle’s barrel should be aligned with the scope. To do that set a target, line up your barrel on to the target and keep it steady. Now look through the scope of the rifle, adjust its alignment until you see the same target from the scope as you did from the barrel.
  • The next step is to test the distance, rifle load and impact. To minimize the human error and make the sight in perfectly accurate, you need to sight in your rifle at 100 or 200 yards. You can practice at longer ranges but the sight in should be done at a shorter distance for accuracy. In deer hunting, you will be using both short and long range as you can’t predict the distance of the deer from your rifle, so you need to be accurate for both the ranges. Don’t forget to keep in mind that the level of accuracy changes with the load and if you change the brand of the bullets or any other thing that changes the weight or load then the accuracy will get affected.
  • Sighting in a rifle is different than being a good shooter. Sighting in, are all technical measurements to make the shot you taken as accurate as possible and with as less human error as possible. You can use a good and steady rest and as much time as want to sight in your rifle. But when you are hunting it might not be possible for you to use a rest stand. If you are chasing a deer then your position is changing as well however if you are at long range and are aiming a static target then you can use the rest stand.
  • Now you can try shooting to see the adjustment of the scope. Select a target and take a couple of shots to see how accurate the sight in is. Make sure the barrel is not too hot; take your time between shots to cool it down if it gets hot. Keep your barrel clean to keep it accurate.

Factors affecting a successful hunting trip:

After getting your rifle sight in, you still need to be sure before going out there in the woods. A good way to do that is by going to the range and fire a couple of shots before going out there and hunting deer. Although having your rifle scope sight in is very important and vital for your success, it is equally important to understand that it’s not the only important thing to consider.

The following things are also responsible for a successful trip of hunting:​

  • The size of the target and accessories you can use for the actual expedition. Like binoculars and rangefinders etc. you might not be able to carry much on a hunting trip but the gear you can take along plays an important role in the accuracy of the shot.
  • The weather plays an important role too; keep yourself updated with the forecasts to know what the weather will be on the day of the hunting trip. In fact selects a day that the weather is clear, avoid rainy days. If you are selecting summers than choose the time of the day when heat is less like early morning or evening. Even in winters select the time and day when the forecast tells you about a clear day. Always dress according to the weather.
  • Go in with a good and happy attitude, enjoy the day as this sport is supposed to be enjoyed. You should realize that you can’t control everything so be open about what to expect from the trip. Try not to be disappointed if you don’t get the result you wanted.

The importance of sighting in a rifle for deer hunting:

When the deer hunting season arrives, most of us ambitious or first-time hunters jump on the bandwagon and buy a shiny new rifle. But what we don’t understand is that you just can’t buy a new rifle and start hunting. You need to sight in your rifle first and if you are doing it for the first time, then take the help of a professional shooter on a properly licensed shooting range. Why this sighting in is important for deer hunting? Well actually sight in is important for every rifle, I mean you would want to hit your target while shooting, but its importance increases many folds in case of deer hunting. Deer is a very quick and alert animal; one wrong shot might cost you a failure for the whole trip. Aiming a deer is probably the hardest aim you will ever make. By just the slightest sound it can be alerted and might take off and aiming a fast moving deer is near to impossible. A missed shot taken at a deer can alert all the deer in the woods and they can go into hiding. This way you are not just ruining your hunting trip but also other hunters hunting trip as well.

In short, when planning a deer hunting trip make sure you have your rifle clean and sight in with the scope attached properly. All the factors are taken into consideration for it to make a successful hunting trip. Try to enjoy the trip as this sport is meant to be enjoyed.