Hunting is it a Good or Bad Thing?

This is a question that has been debated over for decades and will probably continue to be debated for years to come. In fact, when you google “Why hunting is bad” you get nearly four million results, but when you google “Why hunting is good” you get thirteen million results.

Many people, such as animal lovers, say hunting is cruel and unjust. Some even say that it is a “Murderous Business”. Others, such as people who live in rural areas, say hunting is key to having food throughout the winter. You see, there are good aspects to hunting and bad aspects to hunting.

It is not just a one-sided argument.

Hunters, they could be taken as a pro or con. In my opinion, it is great if you are out there legally hunting to put food on the table for your family, but what is not great is if you are poaching animals just for a conversational starter. I am not saying that it is bad to go out and try to get a trophy buck, most people would usually use that meat for food.

I believe that if you are killing that trophy buck just for its rack (antlers) and just leaving the body, that is when it is a very bad thing.

As a child, I was taught that “if you will not eat it then do not shoot it”. In many places, such as rural Alaska, people rely on the food they hunt to get through the winter. This is what we call subsistence. When you need to hunt to live. For example, the villages in northern Alaska are able to hunt for whales because the entire village relies on the meat to make it through the harsh winter.


Hunting whales is a bad thing in the eyes of almost any person out there, but it is a part of the native Alaskan people’s culture. They are allowed to hunt that whale because without it they would surely go hungry. Now, when Japan was mass whaling all over the world decades ago that was not good. Those whales did not need to be hunted because the whale meat was not relied on to live. Many could argue that it was a traditional act considering they had been whaling since before the twelfth century, but in turn, they were killing thousands of whales. Of course, Japan was not the only country to participate in mass whaling, many countries did over the years and some still do, but now that the whale population is declining it is time to stop. This is a type of hunting that, most would agree, is wrong.

People who argue that deer hunting is wrong do have a few points, such as the adored animated story “Bambi”. They also say that hunters are only obsessed with getting the largest antlers, but every time someone says “You could be killing Bambi’s mom,” I have to roll my eyes. Usually, people do not go for the doe (female deer), they go for the buck. Also, hunters usually are not able to hunt for female deer. Max Mills, a computer science major and proud Texan, states in his article Why Hunting Deer is Good for the Environment, “By choosing to feed your family with venison, you are keeping the deer population under control. Overpopulation leads to overgrazing which could lead to the suffering of many species of animal, not just the deer but the other animals that depend on the same ecosystem”. His article goes on to explain that only a small percentage of the population (in the United States) hunt deer. The deer population is vast and us hunting them is not going to affect them all that much. Deer hunting is okay in my book and it should be okay in everyone’s opinion.

A type of hunting that I hate is big cat hunting. There is no reason to hunt that mountain lion, cougar, lynx, or even lion. This brings us back to the “if you will not eat it, do not shoot it” rule. No one is going to eat that meat so it is a waste. People pay a lot of money for big game licenses and hunting guides, so I guess that is fair, but I still do not see the point. They do that to get a nice pelt rug or some taxidermy and use it as a conversation piece. Big cat hunting is considered a sport and believe it or not people do pay thousands of dollars to get that feature in their home. Many big cat populations are declining and people hunting them is not hunting. It would probably be a good idea to have a few off seasons so they could repopulate a bit. Some hunters might say that it could be dangerous to have so many big predators around, but I believe it would be a bad idea to kill off an entire species.

Now, back to the question, if hunting is a good or bad thing. Honestly, it is mostly just based on your opinion. There are some strong arguments from either side, as I have stated in the text above, but it is up to you.

Do you believe hunting is wrong, or do you think that it is okay? Personally, I am on middle ground and as you read there are pros and cons of hunting. It is up to you to take this information and decide for yourself.

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