Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review – Most Popular

The Gamo silent cat rifle is what we call a handy tool to get rid of nuisances that keep crawling into your backyard and mess it up for you. I sometimes feel that you should shoot these bothersome creatures as soon as you see them. Like iguanas, for example, they can be pretty annoying to deal with.

You would need an accurate and powerful rifle to deal with this quick moving animal. That is where the Gamo silent rifle comes in.

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

Technical specifications:

  • The design is modern and stylish
  • It has two cheek pads which make it comfortable for both lefties and right-handed shooters
  • It also boasts a very comfortable recoil absorbent ventilated rubber pad at the bottom of the stock
  • The rifle has fiber optic sights and 4 x 32 rifle scope
  • Spring-piston mechanism backed by break barrel cocking
  • Dual safety because of automatic cocking safety and manual trigger release safety
  • Can fire 1000 feet per second when using lead ammunition and 1200 feet per second while using PBA ammunition

The popular noise dampener:

The name of the rifle is synonymous to its being almost a silent rifle. The rifle has a fixed noise dampener attached to its barrel. You cannot remove it and it lessens the noise to half. Isn’t it a great feature? If you have used rifles in your backyard before you would agree with me that it is an amazing feature.

The rifle is very powerful and the noise dampener compensates for the noise made from the shot.​

Accuracy is the best feature:

In my opinion, accuracy is the best feature a rifle can have. Everything comes secondary to this feature. I mean if you cannot hit your target with ease then what is the point of using that rifle.

Gamo rifle got its name because of its noise dampener but its accuracy is even more remarkable than the dampener. Almost all the experienced rifle users agree to this fact that the most remarkable feature of the silent cat rifle is its accuracy.​

The break barrel you can count on:

This rifle is a spring piston break barrel rifle which means that cocking it is very easy. Also, the maintenance is very comfortable. These systems make the rifle suitable for both new users and experienced hunters.

​Positive things about the Gamo Silent cat:

  • If someone asks you if this rifle is as silent as they claim it to be, just tell them yes. Especially when shooting with high velocity.
  • The accuracy and quickness of re-firing are another plus point which can be described as the recommending feature of this rifle.
  • The stock is made of synthetic material but the remarkable thing about it is that the design is such that you can easily hold it and aim it for longer intervals.

Now some drawbacks you should know:

Before deciding on buying Gamo silent rifle you should know the few flaws it has:​

  • Although the stock is nicely designed however people with larger sized thumbs will find it difficult to use it. I mean the grip area of the pistol is designed in such a way that if you have larger thumbs, you might find it difficult to hold it. This can affect the accuracy adversely.
  • Another thing is the scope. The scope is not that good and I would advise you to replace it with an inexpensive new one. If you are planning to use it for long range then you need a new scope. This issue is not that noticeable because of the price of the air rifle.
  • Another thing is the scope. The scope is not that good and I would advise you to replace it with an inexpensive new one. If you are planning to use it for long range then you need a new scope. This issue is not that noticeable because of the price of the air rifle.
  • The noise dampener works pretty well for most scenarios but in a close neighborhood, it might still be considered loud. The issue is that the dampener is fixed and you can’t just remove it and get a new one.

The affordability of the rifle makes you overlook such small issues. Other than that the rifle is a good to go air rifle.

The trigger process:

The trigger of Gamo silent is something that most people complain about especially beginners and first-time users. The reason is the heaviness of the pull of the trigger. This can be troublesome for teenagers or people not accustomed to pulling triggers.

You can get the trigger replaced with lighter ones. However, since it is a high power rifle this may affect the accuracy and noise dampening of the rifle. But some experts advise on using heavier ammunition to compensate for that.​


There are better rifles available in the market, no doubt about it. But they are expensive when compared to the Gamo silent cat rifle’s features and price. There are a lot of rifles which are not even close to silent cat’s performance but are cheaper than it.

So in a nutshell, if you compare it with both sets of rifles in the market with reference to features and price you pay. Gamo silent cat is the best option, hands down. It is the most affordable rifle that you can get giving you competitive features given in much more price.

The accuracy, power and lesser noises are basic feature and qualities that decide the value of the rifle. Many shooters will agree with me that for these qualities this is the best available option. If you are planning to buy a new rifle for your teenager kids, consider it a strong contestant.

The accuracy and comfort of use are what they would need to practice targets or get rid of critters bothering you in the backyard.In fact, the powerful performance and easy to the manageability of the rifle makes it a good all-rounder.​